Loudoun Liberty Journal is a straightforward resource for thoughtful and practical ideas and commentary on the issues of the day in Loudoun County, VA, from a liberty-minded point of view. Our perspective is informed by the following:

  1. The ideas which form the foundation of a free and prosperous society are based on self-evident truths, stated in simple terms. We are blessed with centuries of thought we can call upon to help us maintain the right course.
  2. These principles apply at every level and legitimate function of government. Thus, the way we think about foreign policy and international law, must be congruent with the way we think about defense, economics, and taxes at the national level, and about public safety, education, general welfare, and business at the local level.
  3. In discussing these ideas we will approach the topics thoughtfully and deliberately. We are committed to asking the right questions, even if we may not always agree on every solution. Why? Because ideas have consequences, and our eyes need to be trained upon that truth. For these consequences will always find their way to our doorstep faster than we expect.
  4. Lastly, we confess as students of these ideas, that they inform and enrich our belief in the Almighty. We believe in an all-knowing, loving, and merciful God, who cares about, and is active in, the affairs of men. We believe that He is the source of an enduring moral order, which we humbly endeavor to preserve. We believe that liberty is simply not possible without this order and belief at its core.

We seek not to rehash old debates, nor entertain partisan grudges, but simply to foment an active and engaging philosophy. We strive to stimulate thought on the topics which affect our daily lives, and in a way which acknowledges the realities of the human condition. 

Our comment philosophy is simple:

  1. No harsh language.
  2. Civility is the rule of the day, and even more importantly: this is not a battle to the death, but an exploration of ideas. Minds may not be changed, but points of view should be explicated, and in a way that is intellectually honest.